Lathe cut records don't sound noisy and hollow

 Lathe cut records don't sound noisy and hollow this is an attempt by another competitor trying to discredit how good they sound 

Embossed  lathe cut records that have been recorded on polycarbonate sheets of plastic  for many years since the 1980's, most definitely, have earned a  bad reputation since, because they were always embossed with a tungsten  carbide stylus. Many have tried over the years different techniques to improve embossing, by using, Turtle wax, furniture polish, lighter fluid,  motor oil, DW40,  But I don't use any of that, I emboss dry, and works great.

If recorded at a louder volume it will cause the record to skip randomly, this the average level of a microgroove LP recorded at 33-1/3 rpm.


Plycarbonate Flexi record. No Lighter fluid, Pledge Wax or Turtle wax was used, nor heat.

Embossed Lathe Cut


Playback of a lathe cut Flexi 1mm thick, recorded DRY at room temperature. Using the camera microphone. Afterwards the square record will be trimmed into a round disc.