Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it takes to get records?

Q. What is the turnaround time?

A. Your records  will ship from our location the next day after completion,  for1 to 2 copies. For 25 copies about a week. I don't do RUSH JOBS!

Q. Does the audio need to be mastered for vinyl?

A. Not necessity to have your music files mastered  for vinyl. I suggest having mastered for vinyl for best results. 

Q. How do they sound compared to pressed records?

A. The  sound quality on embossed records are  very similar to pressed records, but not the same loudness of a 45 rpm record but the level of an EP or LP record.  There are many factors that play into getting music to sound good on vinyl.  Having  well mixed, professional recorded audio, will result in a great sounding vinyl,  I suggest having the audio mastered for vinyl.  

Q. Will my embossed records play on any turntable?

A. No,  embossed lathe cuts will not play on all turntables, that do not have a counter weight on the tone arm.

Q. Can I get LP and 7"  Jackets  and  Labels printed?  

A. No,  No charge for plain white labels.

Q. What type of audio files I can send?

A. Mp3, WAV, OGG , Mp4, ACC, AC-3, AIFF, FLAC, most files can be delivered via DropBox , e-mail or your website , YouTube, Soundclound, even podcast websites.

Q. How do I send  Audio Files?

A. You can use this link for Audio Only:  or


Q. How can I send payments?

A. All payments are sent via  Add 4% PayPal Fees Call for email address. 

45 rpm 7 inch record nex to a CD lathe cut
45 rpm 7 inch record nex to a CD lathe cut