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I manufacture both record cutting styli and all sizes of embossed polycarbonate records.

If you don't own a lathe  you can get in touch with me to place an order for custom made lathe cuts at (917) 580-0052 Text or Call


Stereo phonograph records done on our
record cutting lathe. Short run lathe cuts that sound good as a pressed vinyl record.

New  York Lathe Cuts - Is a lacquer record cutting  service in New York City,  headed by record cutting engineer Rich Flores, known  for cutting The  Misfits first 45 vinyl, "Cough Cool" in 1977.

Manufacturing phonograph records and reference lacquers.

Specializing in embossed phono lathe cut records made of polycarbonate. 

The grooves are embossed on polycarbonate plastic. Each disc recorded in real time for limited runs of 20 copies or less.

I can cut lacquers or emboss polycarbonate  reference discs on the same Scully lathe, by just changing the sapphire  stylus.

The  QUALITY on an embossed lathe cut record is by no means, noisy, hollow  sounding than the quality on a cut record. However, the music on an  embossed record is slightly lower in volume. If you want the music on  the record to sound good, provide a good quality audio file.

Fast turn around times for a few copies, usually 1 to 2 days.

For quantities of 20, about 1 week - I don't do last minute cutting!

No in person pick-ups !

Our  custom lathe cuts will not play on cheap turntables. 


See the next video to hear what happens when an audio track is not properly DE-ESSED in the vocal track.


You can hear the problem with SIBILANT in the vocal track. That is the reason  you must have the track mastered for vinyl. I will not fix this.

The disc afterwards will be trimmed round


Sapphire Recording Stylus Used For Recording Polycarbonate Records

The QUALITY on a embossed phono lathe cut record is by no means, noisy hollow sounding than the quality on a cut record. However, the music on an embossed record is slightly lower in volume.

The grooves on a lathe cut phonograph record are embossed, not cut, they are not as deep. This does not affect audio or the sound quality, a turntable with a damaged or worn out playback stylus will tend to skate, and will not track properly.

Occasionally your playback stylus will land between the grooves, resulting in a strange, distorted playback. In this case, simply lift the tone arm, and drop it again in a slightly different position, or just gently nudge the stylus.

You will hear the needle pop into the groove, and the  audio will clear up. The audio on a lathe cut record can't be recorded in stereo, otherwise it will not emboss properly, lathe cuts are about 4 to 6db quieter.

If recorded at a louder volume your turntable's needle will jump out of  the groove and it will skip. If recorded correctly clicks and pops and surface noise will not be noticeable with our sapphire recording stylus.


Embossed lathe cuts can't be BACK-TRACKED or DJ-SCRATCHED as in HIPHOP music, this is the characteristics of embossed lathe cut record, no matter who makes them.

Polycarbonate embossed lathe cut record
Polycarbonate embossed lathe cut record


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